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Vendita Olio EVO BIO

Wholesale Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - IBC tank and more

Vendita Olio EVO 2

Wholesale Extra Virgin Olive Oil - IBC tank and more


(for third parties)

Raccolta Olive

Olive harvest
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Our Monocultivar Coratina

Why do we only bottle up one variety? Riccardo Vallarella is explaining Coratina’s organoleptic characteristics.

Customizable Luxury Box

Our company also give importance to packaging: we want to communicate elegance, purity and personality.

Our history...

Ours is a long story full of love started in 1920. We have been olive growers for generations but in 1986 we opened our first oil mill in the center of Andria, so we use our own olives in the production of our extra virgin olive oil. We have always believed in new technologies and in offering the highest quality product to our clients, so in 2019 we decided to take the next step in our knowledge and craft: we opened a new oil mill with the most advanced technology 4.0. We’re proud today to be the only oil mill in Italy to use this technology in the production of our olive oil.

Michele Vallarella - CEO

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