Flavored with Lemon 250ml


250ml bottle of lemon flavored oil.

Ideal for seasoning any dish without altering the peculiar characteristics of the raw materials used. Perfect on boiled or roasted fish preparations, fried seafood, sauces and roasted meats.


AREA OF PRODUCTION: Andria, Barletta, Canosa di Puglia;
TREE’S AVERAGE AGE: Centuries and Secular old Olive Trees;
COLLECTION METHODS: Manual stripping;
WORKING PROCESS BEFORE MILLING: we give 12 hours maximum from olives’ collection till the milling process . Before the milling we wash the olives;
EXTRACTION METHOD: Cold extraction for two-phase operation optimized for clarification. There is no use of water during the milling process,



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Our lemon flavored oil is an edible oil extracted from olives. It is a product originating from the agri-food tradition of the Mediterranean.

  • The “virgin” type is obtained from the mechanical pressing of the olives, as indicated in our section .

European legislation (EEC Regulation no. 2568/91 and subsequent updates) has set the minimum quality standards that olive oil must present in order to be marketed under the heading “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. Rule number one is that it must be obtained by extraction with mechanical methods only. The acidity of an extra virgin oil must never exceed 0.8%, in our case the acidity does not exceed 0.3%: synonymous with excellent quality. In fact, acidity, i.e. the concentration of free fatty acids, is one of the fundamental parameters for assessing the quality of the oil.

In Italy an identity card of extra virgin olive oil was created, preserving on it the uniqueness and above all traceability of the MADE IN ITALY product.

COO Riccardo Vallarella: “We are currently the only oil mill in Italy that, through dedicated software, is able to develop product traceability at any time, essential for Made in Italy and for consumer protection”.

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