We offer custom milling - for third parties

We carry out milling service on behalf of third parties for individual, small, medium and large companies in the neighboring area. Thanks to our revolutionary oil mill we can guarantee traceability. We offer 100% Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Coratina variety and other available varieties, contact us for more information.

Our central computer automatically supervises the machinery, and the temperature never exceeds the optimal 27° centigrade. This is a very important process for an optimal cold extraction.

Our machines are completely sealed off from the external environment. Beginning with the crushing process, the olives are prevented from contact with oxygen. This guarantees that the resulting oil will have a rich fragrance, a higher quantity of polyphenols, and a very low quantity of peroxides.

At the end of each milling process, the malaxer machine is washed for an excellent clean and guaranteed product for each client.

This service is granted only and exclusively to operators in the oil sector registered with the SIAN.