Wholesale Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil IBC tank

It is extremely important for us to preserve nature and our health. With this we have decided to take the path of BIO. For over 10 years our farm has been certified organic, gaining experience in the field. We produce olives that we grind in our new company oil mill equipped with a state-of-the-art two-phase plant. Ours is the variety “Coratina”, our extra virgin olive oil is 100% Apulian certified.

Our machinery equipped with 4.0 technology , monitor all the data that are recorded directly in the central computer, essential for traceability and Made in Italy .

The computer performs a constant digital control on the machinery, which allows us to maintain a temperature that does not exceed 27 ° C, which is optimal for cold extraction .

Fully sealed plant . When the olive is crushed it is no longer in contact with oxygen, this guarantees a production of oil with very high polyphenol values and very low peroxides, with an explosion of perfumes.

Our ALFA LAVAL technology centrifuge is divided into 2 phases and allows you to continuously separate the oil from the pomace without adding water . With this method there is an enormous advantage as the polyphenols and all the other organoleptic characteristics that a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have are not lost.

The delivery service is in tanks starting from 1000 liters by courier or private tanker.

This service is granted only and exclusively to operators in the oil sector registered with the SIAN.