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The secret of our success...

  • Mechanical process;
  • Technological development;

The secret of our success...

1: Raw material input: “olives”;

2: Deramifoliatrice (separation of branches and leaves);

3: “Clean olives” washing machine (washing section);

4: Pressing (fringes the olives, turns the olive from a solid state to an almost fluid semi-solid state: olive paste) – with the latest generation fryer that allows to keep the temperature of the olive paste unchanged (20 / 24 ° C) without damaging all the organoleptic characteristics of the oil, ie aromas, perfumes, polyphenols-;

5: Gramulation, a process that is divided into two parts:

_ Mechanical action (rotary movement of the blade inside);

_ Thermal exchange (allows the dough to be brought to the optimum temperature – max 27 ° C -);

– Very important phase because it allows to break the fat present inside the olive, that is to make COALESCENCE occur, that is the formation of small droplets of oil on the surface. The kneading times are 30/40 min -;

6: First separation by decanter, that is a horizontal centrifuge that allows the extraction of the crude oil and the waste of the by-product “pomace”;

– We use ALFA LAVAL technology to perform the spin cycle. It is divided into 2 phases and allows you to separate continuously without adding water. With this method there is an enormous advantage as it saves water, polyphenols and all the other organoleptic characteristics that a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have are not lost. Through an innovative system touch screen, it is possible to have under control: temperature, kneading and kneading times, graphs and statistics of diagnostic checks carried out periodically to trace any problems and / or malfunctions. -;

7: Separation: The oil leaving the decanter is further filtered through the SEPARATOR, that is a vertical centrifuge, in order to obtain what we call EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL .